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Hotel Management is the study of the Hotel industry. Hotel Management courses are also referred to as Hospitality Management, Hotel & Tourism Management, Hotel Administration, etc. Hotel management careers include jobs in hotels, resorts, restaurants, airlines, cruise ships, hospitals, amusement parks, tour marketing organizations, convention centers, and events organisations. Typical subjects and specialities in Hotel Management include Food Production, Food & Beverage Service, Housekeeping, Front Office Operations, Tourism, Food Hygiene, Hotel Engineering, Marketing, Accounts, etc. Duration of training can range from a few months to a number of years, even up to Research levels.

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The Hotel industry is a glamorous industry involving direct and personal interactions with all kinds of people, including VIPs, celebrities, high profile business persons, company executives, etc. In fact, a skilled Hotel Management professional makes even an ordinary person feel like a celebrity. Tourism & Hospitality is one of the highest foreign exchange earning industries in India. According to Wikipedia, India’s foreign exchange earnings from Tourism was USD 2,889 million in 1997. This figure increased to USD 23,146 million in 2016. Obviously, this has also resulted in massive job openings in various sub-sectors of Tourism & Hospitality. Added to that is the fact that more and more Indians are travelling abroad for business and pleasure. Hence, the foreign job market for Indian hotel management professionals is growing also. However, this requires skilled professionals who have completed proper training in hotel management courses.

NIMS is a top ranking institute in Salt Lake, Kolkata, Eastern India, providing top class industry recognised courses, and placement in top category hotels and other organizations since 1999. Take a look at our gallery for glimpses of our training and placement.

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