Hospitality (Hotel) Management & Tourism

* 1-Year Post-Graduate Course. Eligibility: Bachelors Degree (10+2+3)
* 3-Year Course. Eligibility: Higher Secondary (10+2)
* 1-Year Course. Eligibility: Secondary (Class-10)
* 6-Month / 3-Month Courses. Eligibility: Secondary (Class-10)
Certifying/Regulatory Authorities:

Registration, promotion/re-registration, study material, attendance, examinations, marksheets/certificates, fees, etc. are subject to NIMS rules and regulations. NIMS courses are entirely private job-oriented courses without affiliation to any other body or organisation; hence, students are free to enrol in other courses/examinations of their choice provided the same does not clash with NIMS schedules/commitments. Visit our Admissions Office for details.


We are very particular about grooming. Having the right grooming and attitude is a vital factor in student development. Our students are taught the importance of a pleasing appearance, personality and interaction with others. Uniforms and dresses must be neat and clean at all times. Students are not allowed to attend classes without proper uniform/attire.