Services From Counseling to Job Placement and Beyond …

These are just some of the services we provide:

Admission / Counseling

Our Counselors are well trained and experienced in both educational and industrial requirements of Hotel Management. Hence, they provide expert individualised advice on which courses benefit each candidate.

On-Campus Training

Well-qualified and highly experienced full-time and visiting faculty, supported by non-academic staff, provide high-quality and industry-relevant training through theoretical and practical classes in Hotel Management. The focus is not only on conventional learning but also on imbibing a culture of dynamic adaptation so that students can meet future growth and development requirements also.

Off-Campus Training

All our Hotel Management courses include extensive and intensive off-campus training at top-ranking hotels, organizations and events. This includes paid Casual Training (CT), Vocational Training (VT) and Industrial Training (IT). Thus our students get first-hand knowledge and experience of what is required of them even before they complete their courses.

Job Placement

Our Hotel Management students are in great demand because of our training culture, quality and methodology. We are proud to state that the majority of our students get job offers even before completion of their courses.

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