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Over 20 years of Excellence in Career Building

About Hotel Management

The demand for skilled hotel / hospitality management professionals is growing at a fast pace. Global growth and development has opened up numerous career openings in the tourism & hospitality industry, not only in technical skills and competencies, but also in management areas such as administration, business development, change management, communications, human resources, infrastructure management, events and logistics management, planning & strategising, etc. Management has become a vital part of any industry and experts predict that the demand for well trained and qualified hotel management professionals will continue to grow for many years to come.

About NIMS Hotel Management

NIMS is a premier hotel / hospitality management institute run by professionals with over 20 years of rich experience in training and placement. Located at Kolkata, India, we have been recognized for our excellent quality of education, curricular and co-curricular activities, placement, etc. Our infrastructure and training methods have been designed keeping in mind the dynamic requirements of the tourism and hospitality sector in India and abroad. Along with theory classes, our campus includes state-of-the-art labs and facilities for various types of practical training. Our courses are conducted by qualified, experienced and certified faculty, visiting faculty and professionals from reputed institutions and organizations. Our students also receive extensive and intensive casual, vocational and industrial training at top hotels, properties and events (such as the IPL, ISL, etc.). This makes our students job-ready even before they complete their course.

NIMS Vision Mission

Our vision: A world of sustained growth and development across all sections of society, based on continuous upgradation of knowledge and skills.

Our mission: To impart quality skill-based education so that our students develop a life-long culture of self-development and contribution to the development of the human race.

NIMS Anti Ragging

NIMS has a Zero-Tolerance policy towards Ragging. We have very strict Anti-Ragging rules, and all students, along with their parents/guardians, are duty-bound to read, understand, accept and sign the Anti-Ragging Affidavits, failing which the student will not be admitted or may be expelled.

NIMS Anti-Ragging Helpline: 92304-59363

NIMS Anti-Ragging Email: antiragging@nimseducation.com

NIMS Anti Ragging


Post-Graduate, Bachelors, Diploma & Certificate Levels

Hospitality (Hotel) Management & Tourism

1-Year Post-Graduate Diploma

Min Qualification: Bachelors Degree (10+2+3)

3-Year Bachelors/Diploma

Min Qualification: Higher Secondary (10+2)

1-Year Certificate

Min Qualification: Secondary (Class-10)

6-Month/3-Month Certificate

Min Qualification: Secondary (Class-10)

Course Fees & Charges

Highly affordable with instalment facilities, discounts / scholarships, and no hidden charges.


University / National Skill Regulations:

All admissions, promotions/re-registrations, study materials, attendance, internal/external examinations, marksheets/certificates, fees, etc. are subject to University / National Skill regulations and approval. Visit our Admissions Office for details.


We are very particular about grooming. Having the right grooming and attitude is a vital factor in student development. Our students are taught the importance of a pleasing appearance, personality and interaction with others. Uniforms and dresses must be neat and clean at all times. Students are not allowed to attend classes without proper uniform/attire.


From Counseling to Placement and Beyond ...

NIMS Services



Our Counselors are well trained and experienced in both educational and industrial (career) requirements. Hence, they provide expert individualised advice on which courses benefit each candidate.

NIMS On Campus Training



Well-qualified and highly experienced full-time and visiting faculty, supported by non-academic staff, provide high-quality and industry-relevant training through theoretical and practical classes. The focus is not only on conventional learning but also on imbibing a culture of dynamic adaptation so that students can meet future growth and development requirements also.

NIMS Industrial Training



All our courses include extensive and intensive off-campus training at top-ranking hotels, organizations and events. This includes paid Casual Training (CT), Vocational Training (VT) and Industrial Training (IT). Thus our students get first-hand knowledge and experience of what is required of them even before they graduate.

NIMS Placement



Our students are in great demand because of our training culture, quality and methodology. We are proud to state that a very large percentage of our students get job offers even before completion of their courses.